Aug. 22: project framing and update

As an introduction to our conversation with Molly de Aguiar of the News Integrity Initiative, Tom Gougeon of the Gates Family Foundation shared a brief overview of the Colorado Media Project's origin and lessons learned to date.


Aug. 13: Digital Media, Digital Citizens: A Community Conversation with Seth Geiger

View the slide deck presented by Dr. Seth Geiger during his visit to Denver on August 13. The deck contains lots of good data and insights, around the conversation: What does it mean to be a "newsroom" in today's rapidly changing, digitally-driven landscape? How do journalists create content that not only informs, but helps people understand, make meaning, and participate? How can different media platforms be utilized most effectively to reach different audiences?


Aug. 13: Best practices for digital content development, distribution, and discovery

View the slide deck presented by Mark Briggs of SmithGeiger, for a group of journalists gathered at Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver. The presentation covered topics such as the power of social listening, the use of CrowdTangle, and how to develop an audience online. 


June 21: Mid-project update - research and insights

View a PPT presentation of primary and secondary research, compiled for the Colorado Media Project by a global management consulting firm, as well as insights gleaned from in-depth interviews with regular news consumers and media professionals from across Colorado. All of the information helped to set the stage for the July 21 community ideation session.


July 21: video from Community Ideation sesssion

At this Community Ideation Session mid-way through the Colorado Media Project, we presented research and insights to date, and participants came up with a host of ideas for new digital tools to enhance the local news and information landscape. 


June 2: Preliminary insights and implications

As a first step in the Colorado Media Project, our partners conducted an extensive scan of existing research, as well as expert interviews to help inform and set parameters for the Colorado Media Project. This secondary research revealed key insights in six dimensions -- geographic and topic focus, content role, digital format, audience, and business model -- that have guided our work moving forward.


colorado media project kickoff

Wondering how the Colorado Media Project got started? Here's a video from one of our very first meetings.