The Colorado Media Project aims to accelerate at-scale, sustainable,
civic-minded solutions in Colorado’s digital media landscape, by:

  • Conducting research on new and existing Colorado markets and business models nationwide;
  • Rapidly prototyping and testing new ideas and digital tools;
  • Quickly considering the business implications of new opportunities;
  • Publicly sharing project research, learning, and viable opportunities.

Our aim is to generate useful, tangible outcomes for three key groups of Coloradans:

for The Public

  • Understand barriers to and opportunities for accessing high-quality, reliable local news in Colorado
  • Develop and test ideas for increasing the ease and experience of engaging with Colorado news
  • Create new opportunities for civic engagement and interaction


  • Share quantitative market research on Colorado audiences, their digital habits, and news preferences
  • Provide insights into viable digital media business models and tools being developed nationwide
  • Prototype and test new ideas to increase reach, sustainability, and collaboration among outlets that serve the civic interest

For Investors and philanthropists

  • Provide insights into the rapidly shifting news landscape in Colorado and nationally
  • Share insights into emerging business models, successes, challenges, and opportunities for strengthening local news in Colorado
  • Prototype and market test new ideas for increasing audience size/engagement, sustainability, and collaboration among local news outlets that serve the civic interest